Reporter for iPhone

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Reporter is a new application for understanding the things you care about. With a few randomly timed surveys each day, Reporter can illuminate aspects of your life that might be otherwise unmeasurable. Phones Designed for Discovery A simple process for building understanding.

Random Random Sampling Start with infrequent and unpredicatable prompts to report. Random Lightweight Surveys The report flow is built to be lightweight yet powerful, binding automatic measurements with manual surveys. Random Immediate Insight Built-in visualizations reveal aggregate activities as soon as you start reporting.

Phones Designed for Speed Reporter has been refined to capture the most information with the lowest friction.

Questions Question Types Custom interfaces for adding location, people, numbers and multiple choice help streamline the answering process. Autocomplete Autocomplete Pre-populated answers and smart suggestions make completing surveys a breeze, and the more you report the faster it gets. Suggestions Suggestions Using results from Foursquare and your address book, Reporter minimizes typing with helpful suggestions for places and people.

Phones Designed for You Reporter is built for personalization and privacy.

Customize Customization Make Reporter your own by defining the questions, sensors, visualizations and even color of the app. Private Privacy Your reports are your own, and will only leave the app if you choose to export or sync them. Export Export All of your data is available as CSV or JSON formats and can even be continually saved to Dropbox.