Posted on by Brandon Klein

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Today, through email, mobile phones and social media, we're interacting with many times more people than we were even a decade ago. And as increasingly mobile people ourselves, we just keep creating new relationships - every time we attend a conference, switch jobs, or join a friend's dinner party.

A world with more connections is a world with more opportunities.

The strength of our relationships and ability to keep track of people is perhaps our greatest asset, whether in discovering our next grand adventure, our next dynamic project team, or a comfy couch in the next city.

And that's why we think it's crazy that there is no one place to keep track of all our people.

The relationships in our lives are jumbled and split up across multiple devices, platforms, and single-purpose apps, intermixed with status updates and games involving tractors and kittens. All of which make it hard to figure out which friends live in the location of an upcoming trip, remember all the right people to invite to an event, or see which old friend can offer you accounting advice.

Whereas many companies are all about helping you find new people, our aim is to help you make the most of the relationships you already have.