Co, Co, Co, Co, Collaborative Power -

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Ever since we really started organising we've had something called management. People, referred to as managers who actively institutionalised routines to align workers and produce effectively and efficiently something of value. As time passed, and people started to speak up for themselves the institute leadership took a flight. We needed less control and more trust, we sort of found out that processes go hand in hand with behaviour. And if people where not happy and motivated it had a negative impact on the well-designed and controlled processes.

More recently people became more empowered and aware of their own talents and needs. They wanted status and autonomy. They wanted a piece of the responsibility pie. And organisations found out that blending different personal and organisationals colours led to better results and better business. On top of that, well-formed teams where even capable of self-organising the ways and means to create something of value in an excellent way.

I like to talk about evolving and not transforming. Collaborative power needs management and leadership, perhaps not externally but definitely internally. The combination of personality traits and expertise empowered with management and leadership skills can make collaboration powerful.