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20 years
of financial data

Numbers tell the story. And with more than 20 years of digitised financial records, you'll always get the full account.

Get a complete view of the financial health of your new customers and see performance trends over time with financial accounts dating back more than 20 years, including profit and loss items, balance sheet and cash flow. Graph and compare any metric and export financials for use in Excel and other accounting software.
20 years of financial data
Credit ratings, limits and CCJs

A DueDil credit report contains a comprehensive credit assessment including credit score, and recommended credit limit, along with in-depth insight into every aspect of a company's operation - all the information you need to confidently manage credit terms and minimise exposure to bad debt.

In addition to a downloadable report, you will have access to a company's online credit profile for 30 days – see the credit score benchmarked against companies in the same industry, region, age group and with the same number of employees, and in context – previous credit scores and limits are graphed so you can see how a company is performing over time.

We'll also send you an alert if there are changes in the credit profile of any company you are tracking, absolutely free.
Credit limits and ratings
Customised activity stream

See all recent company and director activity in one place, on your dashboard.
Customised activity streamCustomised activity stream
Red flags and adverse filings

Make a more informed decision by quickly identifying or eliminating potential causes for concern. Early warning signs including litigations, regulatory infringements and more, are continuously monitored by DueDil. Notices of insolvencies, appointment of liquidators or meetings of creditors, are updated daily and sourced from the London, Edinburgh and Belfast Gazettes.
Red flags
Company shareholders

Learn who ultimately owns a company, with ownership percentage, the amount of capital issued, along with dividends paid out.
Company shareholders
Corporate family tree graphs

The corporate family tree graph reveals a company's corporate relationships, letting you know where a company sits in the corporate hierarchy and identifying parent and subsidiary companies. Avoid conflicts of interest, find cross-sell opportunities and quickly learn who the ultimate beneficiary of any transaction is, covering both domestic and foreign entities.
Corporate family tree graphs
Director history and linkage information

Get a full account of a director's professional experience and conduct. All current and previous directorships are linked together, with timelines, appointment dates, functions and company performance. Correctly identify the right person by nationality, age and gender, and take advantage of social media accounts to say hello.
Director history and linkage information
Companies House documents

Download original filings with more than 100 million official company documents available instantly from DueDil, with all your purchases permanently stored for use whenever you need them. These are exactly the same documents you would find at official registries, including annual accounts, annual returns, director appointments and more, updated daily and available with just a few clicks.
Official company document downloads
Portfolio management

Manage your interests by easily creating groups of companies or directors to track. Discreetly monitor customers, competitors, suppliers or notable company directors and receive free email alerts whenever an event occurs. Monitor your own company to help prevent identity theft.
Mortgages and charges

View outstanding and satisfied mortgages and charges registered at Companies House. Information includes the date it was created, status of paid or unpaid, amount secured, creditor and type of mortgage or charge.
Mortgages and charges
Accounting ratios

Check the solvency of prospective partners and analyse performance with more than a dozen accounting ratios, while benchmarking companies against their peers.
Accounting ratios