One to one Customer Engagement |

Posted on by Brandon Klein

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, envelops all facets of interaction that a brand has with its customers – at all touch points. It manages the entire customer lifecycle – acquisition, service and maintenance – while optimizing revenue, profitability and customer loyalty. In order to run a business successfully, complete and relevant customer information is of utmost importance. CRM platforms cater to this need by providing a 360° view of the customers and hinting on next steps marketers can take to establish lasting relationships with their patrons and convert every new customer to brand loyal.


Over the years the sources of customer information has increased manifold and analysis of this big data to gather actionable insights has become a challenge. Capillary Technologies offers a solution to this. With our Intelligent Customer Engagement™ Suite you can drill deep into the data to get a clear view of what’s happening and what needs to be done, without having to drill a hole in your pockets. Get up and running within two weeks and reap benefits from the first month.