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 Choose Activities

Pick your choice of engaging interactive group activities.
 Customize activities for your needs
 Organize activities in an agenda
 Add activities on the fly
2 Run Session

Start group activities, engage participants, and display live results.
 Participants use their own devices
 No downloading or installing
 Review results together in real-time
3 Get Reports

LiveSift automatically generates outcome reports for you.
 Automatically generate reports
 Share outcomes with participants
 Provide analytics to decision makers
Interactive Group Activities

Ask a survey question and quickly tabulate and display responses for group review.

Let the group order items or topics according to prioritization criteria.

Use the Brainstorm activity to collect ideas quickly for further evaluation.

Collectively judge issues or options according to a series of suitable criteria.
Q & A

Let participants get equal opportunity to post questions to the speaker.
Agenda Item

Display information to participants between interactive LiveSift activities.