OpenWork - co-working and more intelligence

Posted on by Brandon Klein

OpenWork is the brainchild consultancy of Conjunctured Coworking, in Austin, Texas. Conjunctured was the first coworking space in Austin (2008), and one of the leading coworking brands in the world. openWork combines seven years of experience running a successful coworking space with the 10+ years of consulting experience of SHIFT, to create an entirely new consultancy model. We have distilled our vast experience working with both large and small organizations into a clear and simple Change and Engagement Methodology, where we use the principles of Coworking and Design Thinking to help companies transform their cultures for the coming Millennial Generation. Our offering and approach fall in the spaces in between Talent Management, Facilities Management, and Organizational Design & Development. openWork was formed to help companies evolve into higher performing, more innovative organizations.