League of Intrapreneurs Brazil LIGA

Posted on by Brandon Klein

People who are motivated by generating impact, contributing actively in building the future and channel their entrepreneurial energy to generate a transformation in their area of nfluence.

Liga OP is a space of inspiration, learning, realization and motivation for intrapreneurs to transform the business environment.


    Meetings with a different group of people, with an open and honest exchange of actual experiences generating solutions to take to the day-to-day business


    Talks connecting various areas of knowledge to promote the learning of  "how to be an intrapreneur".


    Fostering intrapreneurship within your company and/or completion of a project positive impact.


    Part of a network of change agents

P is Outra Parada, which translated to english means something else -

a new way of doing things, a new view, a new perspective.


It breaks down and creates new standards.


Does not fit the Cartesian systems that seek to fragment the life

people and institutions.


It is a new way of thinking and doing business

to design a better future.

Intrapreneurs are leaders who are present in large organizations seeking innovation in the way of doing business.