AzaLead - Azalead identifies the anonymous companies that visit your website but don’t fill out that lead gen form

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Power behind the simplicity

Ease of use is at the top of the list in priorities for our product designers at Azalead. But behind the simplicity lies a powerful technology that ensures smooth running and strong results. Below we briefly describe some of the technologies driving Azalead software.
Visitor Tracker: The most sensitive probe for BtoB website visitor tracking

The Azalead tracker works by the inclusion of a small block of JavaScript code pasted on pages in your website by your webmaster. The HTTP request for each web page contains details about the browser and the computer making the request, such as hostname, browser type, referrer, and language. In addition, the DOM of most browsers provides detailed browser and system information, such as Java and Flash support and screen resolution. The Azalead tracking code collects all this data then sends it to the Azalead VisitorID Engine for analysis and organization identification.
The world's fastest international IP/Organization database

When a target account, prospect, customer or competitor visits your website, you want to know about it right away. Up until recently, traditional database tools could not provide this information in time for you to act.  The Azalead technology platform is built with a new generation of database technologies. This provides immediate IP/Organization lookup performance across our firmographic database of over 120 million organizations worldwide.
VisitorID Engine: IP/Organization search that keeps getting smarter

Our IP/Organization identification engine is connected to the five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs):  ARIN, RIPE, LACNIC, APNIC and AFRINIC. RIRs manage, distribute and register internet number ressources within their respective global regions. Azalead uses proprietary algorithms and machine learning to cut through the RIR registration data clutter and associate IP addresses with the correct organization names. These official sources enable us to identify medium to large companies, tech companies and government organizations. In addition, the system examines IP addresses collected from customer and partner email campaigns to help identify smaller companies and companies with staff working from home.
Compliant with EU & US data protection and privacy laws

Azalead alerts BtoB sales people when their target accounts, prospects, customers and competitors are visiting their website. Azalead does not use any cookies and does not collect any personally identifiable information. This is in conformity with US and European data protection and privacy laws.