IOTA Computing — Internet of Things Architecture

Posted on by Brandon Klein

IOTA Computing is building the platform that will Internet-enable everything.

Our turnkey architecture provides everything needed to connect objects to the Internet. By providing an integrated platform, IOTA reduces time-to-market, increases reliability, and makes it easy to turn any dumb thing into an intelligent object.

Above all, the IOTA Computing “Internet Of Things Architecture” is designed to be a “Trusted System.”

You don’t want someone breaking into your IOT-enabled front door lock, and letting themselves into your home; You don’t want anyone snooping your medical data from your wearable sensor or drug delivery device, or worse yet, hacking the system and giving you a fatal dose; You don’t want someone replacing your sensor with their own, and feeding you false data.

Trust will be critical, and depends on having a unique device, with a unique address, remotely-authenticable, certificated, firewalled, and encrypted.

Adding these attributes to an existing system isn’t enough. They need to be built-in from the foundation. Which is what we do.