MoID - The best way to connect

Posted on by Brandon Klein

We give you a second chance for your first contact. We have all gone through that: You meet an interesting person, someone you want to keep in contact with. But you loose this slip of paper where you noted down the number. Sigh.

With MoID you'll never going to miss these occasions any more. MoID remembers who you've met and collects your encounters on an intelligently sorted list. This allows you to get in touch and connect even after days. It could not be easier than that. MoID is your second chance for the first contact. We connect you across network boundaries. Today we have different social networks for different purposes, be it professional, casual, or private. When it comes to connecting to people in different networks, things get complicated.

With MoID you can easily connect to people even in different networks. MoID collects the contact information from all your social networks, and allows you to exchange it - regardless of the network itself. For instance, you can easily exchange your Facebook contact for a LinkedIn contact. Even if you are not in any social network, you can still share your contact with other people, and might even get a social network contact in return. Concisely select which information to share. Existing ways to share your contact information are all-or-nothing. But parts of your information are private, while others are public. What should you do, if you don't want to reveal your birthday to everybody?

At MoID we know that the current ways to exchange contact information are insufficient. This is why MoID allows you to selectively share parts of your information with other people. You can easily create different identities, for instance one for business and one for your private life. Whenever you want to connect to other people, you can simply select which identity to share. In addition, you can immediately send a friendship request on LinkedIn, Xing, and Twitter to people you meet. This makes life a lot easier, as you do not need to look up new contacts in several places. Give your contacts your best attention. Existing ways to share your contact information are one-way. If you hand out a business card, you will never know anything about the other person. Moreover, the information on a business card is going to deteriorate quickly.

MoID keeps your contacts up-to-date automatically. No more need for 'my phone number has changed' messages. As soon as your information changes, MoID propagates these changes to all your contacts automatically. Moreover, MoID shows you precisely, which information you have exchanged with your contacts and allows you to see how active your contacts are compared to yourself. This allows you to optimize your own contact information.