Hola – Access ALL of the web (free VPN) & faster browsing

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Access All Sites liberate the Internet

A free and equal world depends on an free and open web! Faster Internet free

Hola's social routing creates faster paths to your sites Mobile Hola also runs on Android

Liberate and speed up your Mobile Internet - its free Desktop Windows and Mac

Use Hola as a free Windows app, or as an extension on Chrome and Firefox The Social Internet you create the network

As more people use Hola - the faster and more open the Internet becomes Anonymity is your basic right

The sites that you visit should not be able to track you - Hola is your extended "Incognito Mode" Security a changing IP is safer

You are safer from probes and hackers when you don't use the same IP address all the time Lower Bandwidth Costs save on your mobile plan

Hola's compression and caching saves up to 25% of your data No Tracking by site, ISP or Government

Browse the web without revealing your location to snooping governments, corporations or sites