BoostCTR: Performance-Driven Ad Optimization

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Sign Up, Sync, and Select Ad Groups to Optimize Select Ad Groups Once you’re Signed Up and Synced, Select the Ad Groups you want to optimize. Pick Winners We’ll automatically organize them to highlight the contests that need the most improvement One click Hit "Optimize" and you trigger an army of writers to start producing copy for you!

2Elite Writers Compete to Beat Your Ad Performance Ads are written Within a day, you’ll see winning copy start streaming in. Review and Accept Review your ads and one-click accept it to start the test! Or reject it, and new copy will be delivered automatically. Auto Insertion Once you accept the ad copy, we automatically insert it via the API and your ads are live!

3Our Engine Calculates Results and Finds a Winner Split Testing Our platform continuously monitors for statistically significant metrics and performance Selection Once we find one with 90% confidence based on clicks or conversions, it is selected as a winner Metrics Enjoy increased performance at lower costs!