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Posted on by Brandon Klein

One Connection.

The Best mHealth Apps.

Validic works seamlessly with your existing system and allows for a simple, one-to-many connection with mobile health apps, wearables and in-home medical devices. Validic operates behind the scenes to enable your customers to connect and deliver mobile health data into your app or web portal.

 Validic Features

Validic mHealth Interoperability Features:

Standardized mHealth Data

App developers and Healthcare companies rarely speak the same language. Validic represents all data brought into our system in a uniform format with standardized units, so everyone is on the same page and knows exactly what to expect. View the Validic API documentation for more information.

Fully HIPAA/PHI Compliant

Validic eliminates concerns regarding the transfer of protected health information (PHI), as all data stored in and transferred through Validic follows the “Safe Harbor” de-identification standard. All of our employees receive annual HIPAA Business Associate training and our servers are physically hosted in a secure data center. For more information, review our Data Security Policy.

A Growing mHealth Ecosystem

The Validic ecosystem of mobile health apps, wearables, and in-home medical devices is constantly growing. We have and continue to develop relationships with the most innovative mHealth companies, from startups to multinational corporations. Because of this, Validic will always give you access to health data from the latest and greatest apps. And as new apps become available in Validic, you get the data with no further work.