Habit Design by Kairos Labs

Posted on by Brandon Klein


Powered by Open Science Join over 100 teams practicing sustainable daily habits based on clinically tested, evidence-based behavioral science. About Habit Design Founded by a unique team of clinical cognitive behavioral Ph.D. scientists and augmented reality technologists, the Habit Design™ research cooperative crowdsources the easiest, fastest, & most sustainable means for improving communal wellbeing, energy, focus, & productivity by using: AN “OPEN-SCIENCE” RESEARCH COMMUNITY Over 10,000 habit designers across 500 organizations, including corporate wellness & training programs, healthcare providers, medical schools, academic researchers, trainers, coaches, and teachers. A CUSTOMIZED MOBILE HABIT TRAINING COMMUNITY Team-based practice & crowdsourcing of “the science of small wins” within specific tight-knit communities. CLINICALLY TESTED, EVIDENCE-BASED BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE From researchers at Stanford, the University of Pennsylvania, Yale, & the University of Washington. Why It Works Improving anything - wellbeing, productivity, stress, relationships - takes daily practice. But, your willpower eventually wanes, thwarting success. Instead, learn how to make your practice second nature, automatic, habitual. We make it easy and fun to grow new habits into your life. CLINICALLY TESTED We’re the first program with licensed clinical psychologists who test and synthesize only the most effective behavioral research for sustainable habit formation. SCIENCE OF SMALL WINS “No pain, no gain” is a myth. Taking less than 30 seconds each, small and easy steps are designed to seamlessly integrate into your normal daily routine. You’ll start small, but with practice little by little a little becomes alot! AT THE RIGHT PLACE & TIME Our unique “mobile-as-a-service” platform empowers teams with real-time, location-aware, intelligent training & team collaboration that’s fast & convenient. LIVE, PERSONALIZED PEER COACHING They say “If you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far go together.” Teams & mentors are customized from your real-world relationships and provide personalized advice for overcoming future obstacles in the journey ahead. CROWDSOURCED BEST PRACTICES What are the most highly effective habits of your community? Each practice - even when you occasionally slip up - helps validate what really works best for your community and across the entire network of over 8,000 “habit designers”. VISUAL STORYTELLING Resiliency research shows visually savoring and sharing the emotional journey strengthens training. Over 50,000 stories have been shared so far, begin your own!