Cascade Strategy

Posted on by Brandon Klein

    Cascade Strategy
Cascade takes the strategic objectives of your organisation, and cascades them through to your entire workforce. Define your strategy, then sit back and watch as your organisation adopts and interprets it into their own goals.

    DEPLOY your strategic objectives with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

    VISUALISE your strategies as they cascade and flow throughout your organisation.

    UNDERSTAND who's aligned to your strategy and who needs more guidance.

Engage People
    Engage Your People
Provide rich context around your strategy, and help to show people exactly how their work contributes to the big picture. Your most valuable resource, will finally feel valued.

    EXPLAIN your strategies with rich multimedia content including HD video.

    SHOW people exactly how their work contributes to your overall strategic goals.

    TRANSPARENTLY and automatically share real-time strategy updates with everyone.

Engage People
    Track Success & Accountability
Cascade not only creates powerful business goals, it also gives you a suite of powerful tools with which to track success and maintain a culture of accountability and performance.

    INTELLIGENT algorithms give real-time status updates on goals and strategy.

    MILESTONES give a strong framework for planning and benchmarking goals.

    NOTIFICATIONS flag automatically when goals start to drop behind schedule.

Track Success
    Performance Appraisal
Conduct performance appraisals the right way, by basing them on actual achievements, thus bringing credibility, consistency and confidence to the entire process.

    CONSISTENT performance management that uses actual goal-based data.

    SMART use of data and logic produces meaningful appraisals with minimal effort.

    BESPOKE variables that fit perfectly into your existing performance processes.

Performance Appraisal
Unleash the power of collaboration with tools that break down barriers such as departments, office locations and time-zones. The power of the cloud even means that you can collaborate with people outside of the organisation!

    DYNAMIC goal-centric teams with the best people from anywhere in the company.

    SOCIALISE goals and updates, creating a collaborative, enlightened working culture.

    MEASURE synergy in your organisation and focus efforts to improve it accordingly.

    Analyse Results
Cascade gives you incredibly powerful data to analyse how well your strategy is cascading and succeeding. Giving you the power to understand how to repeat that success year after year.

    TANGIBLE metrics finally exist to measure strategic alignment.

    DEEP data tools give you incredible insights into the strengths of your organisation.

    UNDERSTAND the root causes of strategic issues such as people turnover.

Analyse Results
    Protect Against Turnover
Cascade's unique role-based architecture means that even as people move on, be it promotions, resignations or maternity; goals, knowledge and updates remain available to new incumbents.

    ACCELERATE new starters with the knowledge and experience of their predecessors.

    LEARN from history, using the goal-archive to research prior successes and failures.

    SMART architecture adapts if people are away from their role for extended periods.