ASK Platform - social learning

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Do your employees know what they need to know?

    Training is a given. But it can be a drag.
    Training is a given. But how do you measure retention of training?
    If retention is not measured, then you don't know what you don't know.
    And what you don't know will hurt you: Safety, fines, low productivity, etc.

Vergence Entertainment developed its patented Ringorang(r) social engagement technology to help clients to communicate with their people more effectively. Ringorang got its start driving repeat traffic to marketing campaigns for beverage companies. Ringorang drove increases in daily traffic — over 50% weekly visits, 90% page views, even 1,200% increase in one program. Learning of the technology, the CIO of electric utility, Puget Sound Energy, in Bellevue, Washington, asked the defining question: if Ringorang can drive the public back to a marketing campaign every day, multiple times a day, could it drive hundreds of employees to focus on regulatory compliance information multiple times a day?
Yes. We can. And we did.

In the process, Vergence discovered that Ringorang produces what is now referred to as "big data" — i.e., metrics on what participants know and don't know, what knowledge they gain, how long they retain it, when they engage, and why? What is their device of choice? How often do we interact with delivered information? Who pro-actively seeks more knowledge? And much more. The ASK Platform was developed to include Ringorang as well as other media pieces such as emails, print pieces, SMS, videos and more. Other energy companies learned of our successes. Our president, who hails from the entertainment industry, began speaking at conferences to help the industry understand that important information doesn't have to be dull. And fun information doesn't have to be unscientific.