Network Analysis Experts - Future iQ Partners

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Social network analysis is a tool that enables companies, organisations and regions to understand and methodically build their people networks. Future iQ Partners has pioneered the development of this tool (entitled PeopleLink) in specific regional, organisational and corporate settings.

Business today is inevitably becoming more “networked” and leaders need to both facilitate change and to manage in an increasingly networked business environment. Successful regions and organisations have definable social networks that build an environment, which is conducive for innovation, creativity and sustainable prosperity. In order to implement powerful future visions and actions, entities are dependent on the strength of their ‘connections’. When there is an understanding of interaction and information patterns among people, strategies to organise networks become available and invaluable.

Unique Interactive Network Maps

The process of PeopleLink allows us to visually map and evaluate key network roles. We then identify priority steps to develop alignment and collaboration within those networks, ultimately building better networks which are able to fulfill on organisational, regional or corporate objectives and needs.