Coworking, Serendipity, And Why Size Doesn’t (Always) Matter | Deskmag | Coworking

Posted on by Brandon Klein

 Coworking breaks down the emotional barriers (and sometimes the physical ones too) that the traditional business world put up to keep us each in our place. Isolated. After working in this vacuum for a few years, its no wonder some of the best and brightest are striking out on their own, trading a little financial security for a lot of professional freedom. Coworking provides solopreneurs with exactly what they’re looking for: a place where collaboration and community are highly valued, where social capital is more important than currency, and where titles and profit margins take a back seat to the unique talents that each of us bring to the table.

A guest article by Angel Kwiatkowski of Cohere Coworking Community in Fort Collins, Colorado:

According to author Sebastian Olma, this paradox of wonderfulness is an emerging business trend, and it has a name: Serendipity. In his new book, The Serendipity Machine: A Disruptive Business Model for Society 3.0, Olma defines serendipity as “value creation based on unexpected encounters.” Companies like Google and LinkedIn are starting to realize that in order to access outside the box thinking, they need to let their thinkers roam outside the office. Olma claims that (with the help his book, of course) companies can alter their culture to become “serendipity machines”, places where these valuable encounters have no choice but to take place.