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Posted on by Brandon Klein

One shared repository


                                        If someone asked you where the latest version of a process or decision is documented, would you know how to answer? Before starting to leverage IBM Blueworks Live, most of our customers were spending too much time searching for their processes or decisions only to find them forgotten on a shelf or on a shared drive or in someone's inbox or, even worse, in someone's head. The nervous system of your organization is made up of its processes and decisions and with the speed at which both your business and your workforce are changing, you can't afford not knowing where they are documented any longer. Stop searching and start modeling and moving your business forward with a 30-day free trial of IBM Blueworks Live!


Institutionalized innovation


                                        How many people do you usually involve in finding out opportunities for and rolling out change? 5, 10, 20? How about tapping into the knowhow of everyone in your organization? IBM Blueworks Live believes that each member of your organization is a subject matter expert in the right context. Invite your team to your IBM Blueworks Live account and start leveraging this collective expertise in an environment built from the ground up with broad and deep participation in mind.


Business-led change

                                                                            Are you in the dark as to how strategic initiatives are getting rolled out through changes to business processes or business decisions? Do you still rely on the right email surfacing in the right inbox at the right time for carrying out key decisions impacting the direction of your organization? With the simplicity of building a bulleted list and the accessibility of a browser based interface, IBM Blueworks Live puts the power to implement change in the hands of those responsible for delivering the end results.