Biba - Business Conferencing and Messaging

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Contacts & Presence

The full list of people you meet with and talk to spans departments, organizations and even corporate boundaries. Biba Contacts are smart. We automatically build your contacts based on your organization and who you meet with. You also see their availability so you can instantly know if the are available to talk or when they will be free.

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Biba App Feature - Messaging

Biba Messaging keeps you connected to all your important conversations, all of the time, and from all of your devices. Your full message history is maintained on all of your devices, so you can easy start a chat on your desktop and see all of the sent and received messages when you move to your phone or tablet. Delivery notification let’s you know if your messages have been read. And Biba Rooms let's teams of people all be part of the same conversation.

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Biba App Feature - Conference Calls
Conference Calls

Biba takes the pain out of conference calls starting by making them easy to schedule from Outlook, Google or other work calendar. Users logged into the Biba app are called directly, no need for dial-ins and passcodes. Using the Biba app also makes it easy to see who is on the call and who is running late. Someone is making too much noise? Mute them. Don't have the app? Biba sends out dial-in numbers and passcodes to those users who need them immediately prior to the call.

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Biba App Feature - Contact Management

Built for Business, Biba is loved by users and is easy for IT. Because Biba is built similar to consumer applications that users are familiar with, it is easy for employees to download the app for free and get started right away. And because Biba understands the challenges and requirements of Enterprise IT we have designed the product with security, deployment and administration in mind.