Kaggle: Go from Big Data to Big Analytics

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Kaggle Connect is a consulting platform that connects companies to the elite from our community of 95,295 data scientists. Kaggle works with large companies like GE, Allstate and Merck, as well as SMEs to help with all data science problems (e.g. improving sales forecasting, customer segmentation, retain customers, optimize pricing and much more).

To learn more about how your company can use data science and Kaggle Connect, you can read on or book a call with one of Kaggle's on-staff data scientists.
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How Connect works

Kaggle Connect projects generally take between eight and 40 hours to complete (eight hours for a clean data set; 40 for something messier and more complicated). After using the Kaggle website to define the problem, you'll be matched with a top data scientist. This data scientist will work closely with you to complete your project.

Projects consist of the following steps:

    Gather your data
    What data do you have available? We recommend providing a wide variety of data. Our data scientists will use sophisticated algorithms to determine what is relevant. You don't have to clean your data set. Often valuable information is lost when data is cleaned. (However, if you provide messy data, the project will take longer.)
    Define your problem
    What are the goals of your projects? What deliverables are you expecting? Kaggle Connect has been used for everything from demand forecasting, to market segmentation, logistics optimization, Twitter sentiment analysis. Our community is constantly adding their ideas to the data science use cases on our wiki. You may find the projects there inspire some ideas.
    Purchase a block of hours
    After you've defined your problem and purchased the required number of hours, we will match you with a data scientist within two days. During those two days, interested data scientists can ask you questions about your project, which will help you clarify the project details and help them decide whether they are a good fit.

    If you don't purchase enough hours, you will receive that feedback through the Q&A process. (You will have the opportunity to increase the budgeted number of hours).
    Get to work
    We suggest customers kick off with a phone call or a screen sharing session (using technologies such as Skype, GoToMeeting or Our data scientists can help you choose an appropriate mechanism for sharing the data, based on the particular needs of your project. You can treat the Kaggle Connect data scientist as an extension of your project team, iterating and communicating as frequently as you like.

At the completion of the project the data scientist will hand over any prototype code that they have developed, their processes for cleaning and manipulating your data, any reports that you have requested and any cleaned or enriched datasets that they have developed for the project. You can use Kaggle Connect to extend your project or begin additional projects with the same data scientist (assuming they're available) or with new data scientists that we match you with.

You can either get started by setting up your first (complimentary) project or booking a call with our data science team, who can walk you through the process.