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Posted on by Brandon Klein

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Just point, load and go.
As soon as your log files are in Skyhigh...
You’ll no longer be flying blind.
Discover get complete visibility now
See all cloud services in use and
their associated risks.
Our CloudRegistry™ and CloudRisk™ engines
immediately assess the extent and risk of
Shadow IT in your organization.
Analyze find opportunities and risks
Identify anomalous behavior and opportunities
to consolidate subscriptions.
Our Hadoop-based engines identify inconsistent policies, risky user
behavior, and underutilized subscriptions and
inconsistent policies.
Control fly with complete confidence
In 3 clicks, enforce key security and usage policies like access control, data encryption, and data loss prevention.
We deliver protection for your use of cloud
services from your personal or corporate
devices -- no device agent, zero friction.

You just read about the product. Now let us show you how Skyhigh delivers all this with a zero footprint, cloud-based, multi-tenant service.