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Posted on by Brandon Klein


The Web. Social Media. Mobile. Display. Marketers using these channels have benefited from their unprecedented Agility: the ability to place the customer first, always, and to adapt campaigns on the fly to yield maximum impact. We believe that Email should be just as Agile.
The Agile Email Marketing Advantage

Rather than being frozen in time when the marketer hits "send", emails become containers for live content that adapt to when, where, and how recipients open and interact with messages. Building relevant communications becomes easier for the marketer, and results in deeper engagement with the consumer.
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The Difficulties of Waterfall Email Marketing

For most brands, email has been stuck in the Stone Age — bound to the Waterfall approach to marketing commonly associated with legacy channels like direct mail, print, radio, and even TV. It can take months for a marketer to conceive, produce, deploy, and gather insights from a campaign. Relevancy is ever elusive.
Agile Email for Marketers

Marketers can dramatically reduce campaign build cycles. Campaigns are deployed, optimized and analyzed constantly, ensuring that marketers deliver the right message, to the right person, in the right place, at the right time.
Agile Email for Consumers

Email campaigns dynamically adapt to the consumer's context, behavior, and likelihood of engagement, taking the concept of "personalization" to a whole new level. Emails become timely, relevant, and truly valuable to each individual.