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The world population is rapidly aging and becoming increasingly unhealthy due to rising rates of obesity and chronic illness. Many individuals are experiencing declining quality of life as they age and are constantly burdened by the worry of an unexpected complication due to their deteriorating health, and for good reason. Suffering from an unpredictable episode due to either an undiagnosed condition, or as a result of complications caused by one or more chronic conditions, can have a catastrophic effect on both the individuals well-being and financial security. Additionally, these individuals often have no symptoms leading up to the event, leaving them at the mercy of luck as to whether or not they receive the critical treatment they need in the brief time available.

The solution to preventing such unwitnessed catastrophic events is continuous remote monitoring of patients with wearable sensors to see high resolution trends in an individual’s physiological data and automatically trigger alerts of emergency responders to facilitate early clinical intervention.

Patients do not like wearing bulky, invasive monitors which they need to carry with them at all times because of the constant reminder of their illness, causing them to be non-compliant with proper monitoring regiment. Also, they are dissatisfied with the current uncomfortable episodic measurements in the ambulatory environment. Oxitone provides them with a near invisible monitoring solution that does not constantly remind them and project to the world that they are ill, which will lead them to become accustomed to constantly monitoring themselves.

Oxitone envisions a world where real-time patient monitoring, complemented by predictive and adaptive analytics, can be conducted in an ambulatory or mobile setting via a totally non-invasive, wrist-worn form factor.

The current market for patient monitoring sensors and devices is riddled with inefficiencies and outdated legacy technology because it has been largely undisrupted for the past 30 years. Oxitone is committed to transforming healthcare and we believe our technology has the potential to simultaneously disrupt multiple billion dollar medical device markets AND pioneer several new consumer markets with billion dollar potential.

By reinventing the home monitoring experience to let patients enjoy a full and active life without stress and fear Oxitone will make the competition irrelevant.
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