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Posted on by Brandon Klein

"Aver is Nirvana"
Web-based collaborative data exploration software with an
elegant user interface. Massively Scalable, Intuitive, and Secure.

    Logic Illustrator
    Create diagrams and express what your thinking by visually connecting concepts. Patent Pending!
    Data Blueprint
    Rapidly connect and combine ALL of your data sources and unlock new insights.
    Result Studio
    Discover correlations, optimize results, and get trusted answers.
    Interactive mission control. Instantly assemble, manage, and forecast key performance indicators.
    Transform, deconstruct, or create new data in a snap.
    Generate unique layouts and visualizations of your results on the fly.
    Socialize your analysis and communicate effortlessly on your project.
    Submit or download established industry metrics, analytics, and solutions.
    Cloud +
    Keep your data in the cloud or behind your firewall.