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Posted on by Brandon Klein

For management to make optimal decisions, understanding the communication patterns and behavior of their workforce is crucial. As information flows through communication networks, issues such as ineffective meetings or poorly chosen office layouts can cripple the performance of even the most highly skilled units. By objectively revealing these patterns of behavior across a company, we are able to identify and solve problems that are unobservable using human observers or surveys.

Our Sociometric® Consulting division applies our social sensing technology to create actionable insight for clients. Through a management consulting relationship, we analyze organizations using Sociometric® Badge data, e-mail analytics, survey-based data collection, and productivity measurement to perform a variety of organizational diagnostics and design interventions customized to the needs of our clients.
Sociometric® Analytics

Without feedback, it is difficult for employees to improve. While we often think of feedback in terms of communication with superiors, behavioral feedback allows for reflection and targeted behavioral change. Our Sociometric® Analytics platform combines Sociometric® Badges, e-mail analytics, and other proprietary data collection methods to provide individual and group visualization dashboards. Our dashboards are customized for each client to provide optimal feedback to employees at all levels of the organization and creates an objective window into previously unobservable behaviors.
Collaboration Index

How do you benchmark your company against competitors? Profits, revenue, and survey responses don't accurately capture the advantages of your organization, which is ultimately your people and their ability to work together. The better your employees collaborate, the higher their effectiveness and the performance of your firm. Our Collaboration Index, assessed as part of our consulting projects, compares your employees' collaboration behavior to other companies in your industry. Using the Collaboration Index, we design an innovative organization transformation strategy to bring you to the top of your industry.
Sociometric® Badges

The Sociometric® Badge is our flagship social sensing platform. Using a variety of sensors, the Sociometric® Badge is capable of, among other things, capturing face-to-face interactions, extracting social signals from speech and body movement, and measuring the proximity and relative location of users. We are committed to strengthening social science research, and the Sociometric® Badge is available to academic researchers on a not-for-profit basis.