GE and StartUp Health Select 13 Companies For Its Three Year Health Entrepreneurship Program | TechCrunch

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Arpeggi is a company based in Austin, TX that specializes in affordable genome data translation and analysis.

Aver Informatics is a big data platform for healthcare data from Green Bay, WI.

Care At Hand is a mobile early warning system for elderly home care aides based in Boston, MA.

Caremerge is a company from Chicago, IL that provides apps that coordinate communication between seniors living in homes and their families.

Cerora is a company from Philadelphia, PA that delivers diagnostic data on brain health and function to patients and doctors. is a database that connects doctors with patients based in New York, NY.

GetHealth is a company based in Dublin, Ireland and New York, NY that offers an online platform that encourages employee involvement in corporate wellness programs.

GoGoHealth is a company from Atlanta, GA that allows patients to get a diagnosis or a subscription from their health provider through their computer or smartphone.

IntellgentM is a company based in Sarasota, FL and New York, NY that specializes in hand hygiene monitoring in hospitals and other healthcare environments.

itMD is a company from Miami, FL that hosts medical records in the cloud that can be accessed, sent, and shared to anyone in the iTMD network.

Oxitone Medical is a company from Ashkelon, Israel that develops wearable pulse oximeters.

TalkSession is a platform that connects patients to mental health professionals based in New York, NY.

WalkJoy is company from Long Beach, CA that develops a wearable device that aids in the restoration of gait and balance disorders.