Wisembly - Reinvent your meetings

Posted on by Brandon Klein

>Plan your meetings

One of the secrets of a successful meeting is the preparation. With Wisembly, you control your meeting from end to end, before, during and after, and you improve your following meetings!
Controlled access according to your requirements

Decide who can take part in your Wisembly meeting. Access to Wisembly can be open to everyone or you can restrict it in three ways: with a password, by limiting access to colleagues from your organisation or only to invited users.
A well-prepared meeting

With Wisembly, let your users express their expectations before the start of the meeting and launch a questionnaire to assess their knowledge on the meeting's subject. You can adapt your messages according to the expectations expressed and the results collected.
A structured and organised meeting

Establish the meeting agenda so that your participant's reactions will be automatically sorted and organised. Keep your participants up to date with the progress of the agenda throughout the meeting.
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Shape your meetings

See the popular reactions of the room whilst you give your presentation to check continuously that your participants are listening and understanding. Use Wisembly to take decisions and to evaluate your audience's knowledges!
Numerous reactions with no interruptions

Using Q & A and a voting system, you collect your participants' reactions relative to your presentation and see, at a glimpse, the most interesting ones without being interrupted.
Reactions directly related to the content of your presentations

The Wisembly viewer allows you to integrate your presentation aids into the Wisembly system and makes the link between the reactions of the room and your message content.You immediately see to what such and such a reaction is referring.
Effective meetings that lead to actions

No more meetings for the sake of meetings. Test your participants using open surveys to check that they have understood your message. Use closed surveys to take decisions quickly and anonymously.