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Posted on by Brandon Klein

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Collaboration Spaces, Moxie's secure enterprise social software, connects employees, customers and trusted partners to share knowledge and accelerate innovation in the workplace. Our cloud-based solution incorporates the most advanced social networking technology and architecture to integrate with specific business processes. Collaboration Spaces Design Principles Pointers to People Click for a larger view of Moxie's Collaboration Spaces

Collaboration Spaces is people-centric. That's why it includes all these important capabilities, such as building rich profiles. Profiles that include video and images - plus information on specific skills, knowledge or expertise. Because profiles are searchable, employees can easily leverage the diversity of expertise in your organization to achieve results faster. Because connecting people makes your enterprise more powerful. Reward Participants

Reward participation. Reinforce collaboration. Collaboration Spaces lets users recognize and give thumbs up to contributions by others- and rewards those most-liked with positive reputations and badges for specific expertise. This accelerates adoption, because employees appreciate being recognized for contributing knowledge and helping others. And higher adoption and knowledge sharing means more innovation. Go Where the People Are

Go where the people are. Collaboration Spaces features a solid integration framework so you can leverage your existing investment - but reap the benefits of an amazing collaboration interface and Moxie Software's award-winning Knowledge Spaces. With Collaboration Spaces, employees can leverage a single sign-on (designated by your company) in order to securely and appropriately access corporate applications and data - directly from within Collaboration Spaces. Designed "The Way People Work"

Today's users won't settle for anything less than compelling. Collaboration Spaces' user experience is intuitive and designed to work the way people do. You can easily personalize it to the way people work. Tweak, tune or transform Spaces to match your specific needs. Users control social tools - including which to use, where and when. Employees love it so much they invite co-workers to join in to get things done faster. It's viral. And compelling. That means faster and deeper adoption. Which leads to more effective collaboration. And that means a better return on your investment.