Zenefits | Benefits, Payroll, and HR Outsourcing

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Benefits. Payroll. HR. Outsource all of it in seconds. Zenefits connects with your existing payroll and benefits in seconds. Need benefits or payroll? We'll give you quotes and set you up. Get Started Now > Zenefits: a HR robot With Zenefits, you'll never touch paperwork again... Hiring a new employee? Just enter 5 fields and you're done. Hire screenshot We do the rest:

We get the employee to sign their agreements online. We collect the employees' personal, bank and tax info. We add the employee to your payroll and benefits. We fill out, file, and store everything online.

Letting an employee go? One click is all it takes. We automatically:

Remove the employee from payroll. Remove the employee from benefits. Help the employee with COBRA.

Dismiss screenshot Employee life event? Employees can self-manage everything online. Let's say an employee gets married.

Enrolls the dependent in benefits. Changes your payroll deductions. Changes your payroll tax witholdings.

Life event screenshot You or your employees have a question? Our in-house HR specialists and licensed benefits brokers would love to answer them, via phone or email. Email top Email Zenefits Zenefits: Your benefits, payroll, and HR. All on auto-pilot, all in one beautiful dashboard. Q. How can Zenefits be free?

A. Zenefits is a licensed insurance broker. When you purchase or manage insurance through us, we get paid by the insurance company, just like any other licensed broker. We don't take a single penny out of your pocket.

We don't charge, unlike other companies, because we're able to operate on these broker fees alone. By leveraging new technological processes we're able to keep our costs low, which allows us to pass on the savings to you!