How To Treat Your Employees | TechCrunch

Posted on by Brandon Klein

A) Treat them as if they are eventually going to be better than you. Y

B) Picture that all of them will eventually start their own businesses and you are just training them.

C) If an employee gets the “disease” (all they want is more money and they don’t care about anything else and they start to have an attitude) then instantly fire them.

D) No employee is allowed to say a bad thing about any client.

E) No gossip about anyone.


F) I picture every employee calling home at night to their mother. The mother asks, “how was your day at work?” I picture the employee saying, “Mom, it was the best.” I picture the mother crying tears of happiness because the baby that once came out of her is so happy to be working with me. I try to make that happen every day.

G) Teach the employee how to exploit you for their own gains.

H) How can they exploit you? By building a rolodex off of yours. By learning your skill set. By learning how you deal with your failures. By learning not to repeat your mistakes.

I) Teach them how to sell. Even if they are programmers.

J) Surprise them. Employees are like “reverse clients.” You have to please them just like you please a client. It doesn’t cost much to reward an employee who gets a job done.