Customized Apps for Doctors

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Following just a few simple steps, you can have your own app ready in no time. Simply provide us the information, and we’ll do the rest.

What is AppsforDoctors? is Lexington Creative’s line of low cost apps for Medical Professionals. These apps come with a broad range of options and features. Doctors and Medical Professionals such as you can customize their app to make it perfect for their business. It’s as simple as choosing and customizing available options and then also adding the business’ name, details, products, logo and colour scheme.

What if I want to design my own great app completely from scratch with a range of extra features?

We can help you there too! For a fully customised app designed from scratch exactly as you want it, please visit Lexington Creative’s main site and obtain a quote.

Why do I need an app?

Mobile applications today are in a similar place to where websites were in the early days of the Internet. The big companies had websites, but the rest of the world had not bought into the idea of a website. Today, your company is not taken seriously unless you have a website. A business used to be cool if they had a website, now they are uncool if they don’t have one.
If your business has a mobile application, and you include verbiage like “find us on the app store”, or “there is an app for that” in your promotional material, you immediately set yourself apart from your competition. A mobile application will also increase office traffic, attract new patients, and increase patient retention. In 2-3 years it will be necessary to have a mobile application to compete, so the time to act is NOW.