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Posted on by Brandon Klein

Instinctive and Evasive Driver Training Driving Courses

A comprehensive hard surface driving program designed for drivers to become more instinctive and reactionary in the processes associated with crash avoidance. This training will afford students the opportunity to expand their awareness beyond the confines of the vehicle.

Analytical studies of assaults on government and corporate personnel indicate that most incidents occur during times of travel in a motor vehicle. G4SITI incorporates practical exercises to make students aware of their surroundings and become more instinctive in their driving habits. Some of the topics that are taught include: vehicle dynamics, high-speed driving, attack recognition and attack response, evasive maneuvers and attack scenarios.

The Instinctive and Evasive Driver Training G4SITI offers can be accomplished in one day or over the course of several days. Our facility provides students a variety of vehicles that consist of sedans, SUVs, armored vehicles or a combination of vehicles G4SITI uses.