BBC News - Microsoft unveils self-sketching whiteboard prototype

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Microsoft is working on an interactive whiteboard that aims to interpret users' sketches to complete the diagrams they were drawing.

The firm will unveil the prototype as part of Techfest - an annual event where its researchers reveal some of the projects they are working on.

The digital canvas is designed to help workers make sense of "big data" - the growing amount of information available from sensors and other sources.

The project is still at an early stage.

However, one analyst suggested there would be significant demand for such a product if Microsoft was able to overcome the hurdles involved in bringing it to fruition.

Microsoft spent $9.8bn (£6.5bn) on research and development in its last financial year.

That is less than Samsung Electronics' $10.5bn investment but more than Apple's $3.4bn, Sony's $4.6bn and Google's $6.8bn R&D tallies.