Improvisational Icebreakers: Video Series |

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Improvisational theatre is a form of theatre in which the actors use improvisational acting techniques to perform spontaneously. Actors typically use audience suggestions to guide the performance as they create dialogue, setting, and plot extemporaneously. Many improvisational actors also work as scripted actors, and "improv" techniques are often taught in standard acting classes. The basic skills of listening, clarity, confidence, and performing instinctively and spontaneously are considered important skills for actors to develop.

Icebreakers are a great way to loosen actors up for an improv class or performance. As improv can be inherently embarrassing or silly, it's often necessary to break the ice and get everyone participating in the proper mood to give their best performance. In this free video series, an improv expert will teach you a number of icebreakers, including the "Honey Walk," "Back Dancing," and "Pass the Ball," among many others. With these icebreakers, everyone will be loose and ready to act their best!