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Posted on by Brandon Klein

Harness and expand the power of SQL. Enhance your analytics. Integrate query-based discovery into the way your organization makes decisions. Looker takes an entirely new approach to SQL analytics that transforms data from any SQL database into a model of robust business analytics.

Looker removes the complexities of querying raw data while exploiting the complexity of the data itself. Organizations can actively explore all of their business data from a single application while simplifying the implementation of BI. There’s no need to deal with cubes of dimensionalized data, or to glean information from static reports or parameterized data sets. Looker allows customers to build an abstracted model—as the business needs to see it—of its entire raw data set.

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Complex model of your business analytics

LookML, Looker's proprietary language, creates a higher level of abstraction of your data, so querying is vastly more efficient and more powerful. The LookML syntax simplifies the development of robust models for any organization, while enhancing the capabilities of SQL. Analysts can build measures and dimensions, defined in SQL, then construct and execute SQL queries against raw, relational databases. There’s no need to expend time and resources coding queries on an ad hoc basis or setting up complex BI software platforms. What’s more, the language-based approach results in faster query execution, so performance is never an issue.

No dimension or measure is unthinkable. All data, not just aggregates can be queried. LookML field types, custom SQL definition, and fact/aggregate table creation open up analytical functionality that was once only available to the largest Fortune 500 implementations.
Unified definition of your organization’s data

Since elements are defined with SQL statements, Looker models are quick and easy to create, maintain, and expand as organizational requirements evolve. Elements can be built on top of each other and reused, without needing to redefine the SQL statement, so dimensions and measures stay consistent and accurate, even as the model is revised. The queries created from these elements can be saved, embellished, and shared—providing a centralized, consistent definition of all your analytics.
Query-level access, open to all

With a Looker model of your data, your entire organization can benefit from the knowledge of the SQL programmer. Users in any function can create simple or complex queries on the fly—without having to write SQL queries from scratch—accessing the data they need in real time, executing queries against a consistent set of business models, and collaborating on the discovery of critical business information.
Reduced dependence on IT

Business users can get valuable analytics from a transactional database at any moment of the day. Based on user permissions, they can query all elements of the model and drill into any view of the data, across all tables—enabling fast tiering, sequencing, and cohort analysis—to find the insights they need to make decisions. Queries lead to new queries and to the actionable answers that drive business value. There are no worries about running into dead ends or having to wait weeks for a new report to be created.
One application

Looker combines model management and data discovery into a single browser-based application, decreasing management time and expertise required to support BI activities. In contrast, traditional BI and other OLAP solutions may require two or three separate applications, each with its own UI and idiosyncrasies.
Fast implementation

The Looker platform brings together a complete suite of BI software, model management, and data discovery tools into a single browser-based application that can be implemented in days, not weeks or months. A free trial version enables your analytics team to create a limited data model and understand the benefits immediately.