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Posted on by Brandon Klein

The people in your life make you successful.
We help you build strong relationships to create additional opportunities for your business.

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    "I’m literally already getting new business thanks to Contactually. I got the email reminder, sent a follow up, and 3 days later had a signed invoice in my inbox. It might have slipped through the cracks, but Contactually had my back!"

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Contactually automatically manages your contacts and strengthens your relationships by prompting you to take meaningful action. It’s the perfect tool to help you stay relevant and top-of-mind in order to gain referrals and drive repeat business.
Focus on the right contacts.
Effortlessly create your complete address book from email, social networks and CRMs.

Your contacts live in several places across your workflow and network. Contactually will automatically bring all of your contact records into a single online address book so you can manage your contacts with ease, all from one place.
Follow up consistently and effortlessly.
Reach out to your most important important contacts regularly and in a meaningful way.

Our system will automatically prompt you to reconnect with your most important contacts when it matters the most. We’ll give you helpful context clues like social updates and recent conversations to help you connect in a personal, genuine way.
Find business opportunities in your network.
An opportunity for business lies within each of your contacts. It’s up to you to make it happen.

Stay relevant and top-of-mind with your contacts easily and automatically with our intelligent recommended actions. Even if your contacts aren’t in your market right now, they’ll be happy to sing your praises to their networks simply because you stayed in touch. You’ll be gaining referrals before you know it.