Membrain - Pipeline Management for Complex B2B Sales

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Pipeline Management
for Complex
B2B Sales
Actively helps you move deals forward
Membrain creates a visual overview of all your opportunities based on your own sales process and ensures an active pipeline.

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Actively suggests which deals to focus on
Guides you on how to move these forward
Alerts you when deals stall or key components to winning is missing
Helps you focus on the most profitable deals, and the ones you're most likely to win
Identify and walk away from poor fits and unlikely wins early in the sales cycle
Define what you need to win, skip all other data entry
Qualify Your Prospects
When you reach a certain complexity and length in your sales cycle it’s no longer viable to simple have more meetings and phone calls to increase your sales. You need to prioritize your time.

Perfect Your Sales Process
A sales process is crucial to produce consistent results, but there’s often a big gap in theory and execution. Membrain is made for your process and turns it into a sales enablement tool to win complex B2B sales.

No technical consultants. Drag and drop to create and refine your process
Shows where you can improve the process
The tool is built around your process, not the other way around
Identify areas where you can improve
Let go of tedious score-keeping
Embrace high-value sales coaching
Embrace Sales Coaching
Sales Coaching is a known driver of increased sales performance. Membrain gives you the tools and insight to identify where the members of the sales team can improve.

Become a Learning Organization
Enables you to bring the successful behaviors and tactics of individual top performers into your process and sales strategy. Maintain and spread the sales know-how throughout the company.

Capture valuable insights from the field
Completely change the tone of internal sales meetings
Reduce ramp-up time for a new hire to deliver results
Minimizes data entry & administration
Stop building graveyards of information
Automated forecasts and reports.
Minimize administration, maximize insight
Why are people in sales constantly asked to perform excessive administrative and documentative tasks, often even in duplicates? Usually to little or no help to increase sales performance. Automate the boring stuff and let the sales people sell more!

Specialized for Complex B2B Sales
Marketing and Management have really sophisticated tools, which is great! We think it’s time for sales people to have the same. Membrain is designed entirely around winning complex deals.