Posted on by Brandon Klein

Key ClearSlide Features
Live Pitch
Use Live Pitch to communicate with customers over the phone or in-person. You control the presentation and they see what you see.
100% web-based; no software downloads required so you can start pitches very quickly
Seamlessly jump between scripted slides, interactive web pages, and screen sharing
All of your team's content is at your fingertips; quickly respond to customer questions or objections
Use Roll Call to collect contact information
Talk with groups with integrated conference calling
Highlight key points with drawing tools
Pass control to team members
Layer-in web cams for a more personal connection (one-way, two-way, or group)
View and control on PCs, Macs, or mobile devices.
Email Pitch
Use Email Pitches to send collateral to customers so they can view on their own time.
No large attachments; send with a simple link or compose a nicely formatted email
Send to one person, a group, or a large blast
Customers can open in a web browser and don't need to use any software
Understand when customers open your link and where they spend the most time
Understand how widely your email was forwarded
Use a personalized domain for your links to maintain your brand.
Use shared Templates to quickly pre-write emails and see which approaches work best.
Upload Microsoft Office, PDF, Open Office, and Keynote files
Upload video, audio, and Flash files
Add web slides and demo slides
Easily re-use and re-mix presentations
Organize content with Custom Pages, tags and more
Detailed reporting by user, presentation, company, pitch, and slide
Filter by team, group, and user and view trends and graphs
Download stats for further processing
Salesforce integration is available
Use public links to display content in a public context
Use lead forms to collect contact information in live and email pitches
Find and save new leads
Admin Controls
Manage team and group settings
Manage user accounts
Manage content organization settings
Security Controls
Several features to control who can view your pitches
Fine control over how content is shared internally
Disable links or swap out content
Immediately disable/enable employee access
Full access logging provided
Enterprise level hosting and security precautions