Fivetran - Data analysis made easy

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Data analysis for the rest of us.

Clean, combine, and get answers from your data, with ease. TRY IT NOW Powered by Fivetran:

The Power Of Search

Don't write code, there's already a function that does what you want. Spreadsheets on Steroids

Fivetran has the formulas you know and love, and the super-functions that do what other spreadsheets can't. Power of Scale

Fivetran runs on a robust network of servers and uses efficient algorithms to scale to big computations.

Smart Templates

Our templates look at your data and help you form the next step in your analysis. Fully Hosted & Secure

Fivetran is built on state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure. Your data is encrypted from start to finish on secure servers. Each user is protected in their own high-security process. How Does It Work?

1 Add Data 2 Analyze 3 Extend

It all starts with the Data.

Bring data into a project in many different ways.

Easily drag and drop multiple XLSX or CSV files into your project and get working in seconds, not hours.

Hook Fivetran directly into your database and do in-database analytics with the spreadsheet formulas you know and love.

Looking for some specific data sets like climate or market data and don't want to deal with the hassle of sourcing it? We've got you covered with our library of built in data. (coming soon)