CODE to CURE | Bina Technologies

Posted on by Brandon Klein


At Bina, we are helping usher in a new era of medicine in which healthcare will change dramatically with customized treatments and data-driven insights tailored to the individual.

Today, cheap and fast sequencing is creating even more amounts of data that shows no signs of slowing. At Bina, we believe that the data-driven medicine of tomorrow will be powered by breakthrough innovations at the intersection of medical science and technology, yielding actionable insights in drug development, diagnosis, and treatment.

Personalized medicine promises to revolutionize the practice of medicine, transform the global healthcare industry, and ultimately lead to longer and healthier lives. The best and brightest minds in computer science and big data have come together at Bina to make good on that long-held promise.

We bridge DNA sequencing technologies with diagnosticians and clinicians, who can use genomic data to treat disease and save lives. We turn code into cures. Decoding the building blocks of life at the core of our technology.