IHS Goldfire | Knowledge-Enabling Decision Making

Posted on by Brandon Klein

In today’s global dynamic economy, manufacturers must operate more efficiently and innovate more aggressively than ever before. This means better networking and leveraging the people and intelligence assets inside and outside the organization to spur productivity and accelerate product development. But, for most companies, connecting engineers, scientists and researchers to one another – and to the information necessary to making informed decisions in order to accelerate productivity and advance innovation - remains a critical and unmet challenge.
Connecting Innovation & Knowledge Workers to Experts, Information & Insights

Goldfire®, Invention Machine’s award-winning Optimal Decision Engine, uniquely addresses the need for global enterprise connectivity.

Goldfire connects personnel across the product lifecycle to the wealth of knowledge that lies inside and outside an organization - and to experts, intelligence and insights, enabling companies to:

    Generate innovative concepts for market-leading products
    Identify new markets and partners
    Get on-demand competitive and technology trends and analysis
    Leverage internal corporate assets
    Connect to relevant internal and external content
    Identify and connect to experts inside and outside the organization

With Goldfire, collaboration and productivity are improved and decision making is more informed, enabling companies to deliver superior, competitively differentiated products – in less time and at less cost.