Dispatch - Discuss and organize your projects with your team.

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Better than email. Better than meetings.
Dispatch helps teams discuss and organize their projects, including the things they have in Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, and Box.
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Dispatch reduces email noise, simplifies file sharing and opens the doors for my team members to work in a more autonomous way.

Vincent Hunt
If you're building something on the web, Dispatch belongs in your tool belt.

Kristina Villarini
Co-Founder & CEO at Villarini Maclean
We're really enjoying using Dispatch for our design team here at Rafter.

Laura Zinssmeister
Product UI Designer at Rafter
Dispatch is a better alternative to a web of emails that gets tangled pretty quick.

Johnathan Warlick
Director of Interactive at PDG+Creative
The app is really looking great and it's becoming a great tool to get feedback.

Aaron White
Lead Designer at Viddler
Kudos Kudos Kudos! Finally no more email dialogues.

Dan Beit-Or
Owner, Simply Do It
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Come together. Get things done.

"Dispatches" are smart places to post the things you're working on and talk about them with your team. You can post your notes, links, images, and documents, as well as things from Dropbox, Google Drive, and Evernote.

Supercharge your cloud services.

Dispatch adds a discussion layer to the cloud services you already love.

No matter whether your stuff lives in Dropbox, Google Drive, or Evernote, you can discuss all of it with your team alongside full previews that stay up-to-date, right within Dispatch. No need to download or update manually.

Have smarter conversations.

Eliminate email ping pong and confusing versions. The cloud keeps it all up-to-date in Dispatch.

And when you need to fall back to email, targeted notifications make sure only things you care about hit your inbox.

Easily subscribe and unsubscribe to things you're interested in. You can even reply to comment.