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Conduct polls or quizzes where the answer is multiple choice, numeric, or word answer.

See the results come in live on your computer or smart-phone.

Run interactive demonstrations that students can do on their laptops or smart phones in class (or at home.)

Choose from our library of demos, or build your own
Open ended Q & A

Help stimulate discussion in class by polling your students with open ended questions.

Reward students for participation or for helping each other out with questions.

Upload and share important files with your students, such as course notes, lab materials, or dilbert cartoons.
Review & Homework

Allow your students to complete selected questions or demos at home outside the classroom, and allow them to review the questions for study purposes after they have been taken up during the lecture.

Answers submitted to questions and demos are graded automatically and tracked in the gradebook.

At the end of the term you can adjust the marketing scheme and export all data to Excel.
Amazingly simple

Get started in minutes with no equipment to install and no hardware to purchase. Tons of different ways to use the tool

Have your school use and build up their own WiFi infrastructure instead of installing clicker receivers in classrooms
Use any device

Students can use whatever device they happen to have to participate in class, such as their cell phone, smart phone, laptop, iPod, or toaster! (ok, the last one is made up)
Presentation tool

Use our desktop tool on Mac or Windows to integrate Top Hat Monocle into your presentation

A small bar floats on top of your presentation (whether you're using PowerPoint, Keynote, or something else) and allows you to quickly launch items and display the results.