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Posted on by Brandon Klein

It's in the cloud

We’ve all heard it before, but what does it actually mean? In simple terms it means you don’t ever have to install anything on your computer. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection. There’s no up front cost, you only pay for what you use and you can access your information from anywhere. Easy to import

Whether it’s Powerpoint, PDF, Excel, Word, Google Docs or Open Office, with the click of a button you can upload your files to and we’ll convert them to a format so they’re ready to record. Easy to record

Just present into your webcam clicking through your slides as you go. It’s as easy as presenting in person. Easy to share

Once you’re finished, just press ‘publish’ and you’re ready to share. Whether it’s on Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, by email or embedded in your blog - it’s only a click away. With paid accounts, you can choose to share with the whole world, a select few or keep it to yourself - it’s entirely up to you! Easy to edit

We take the stress out of recording. If you make a mistake (and let’s face it, we all do) just rewind a bit and go again. At the end, we’ll join all the good bits together and your audience will be none the wiser. No cutting & pasting or dragging and dropping ever again! It's mobile isn't just for the desktop - you can watch your presentations on the move too! You can view them on your iPad, just using your browser and without installing any extra software. Coming soon you'll be able to view on your iPhone or Android phone using our exclusive apps. And if you upgrade to a Plus or Pro account you'll be able to download to your smartphone for offline viewing too. More than slides

With you can upload just your slides, add audio, add video, or just upload a video all with the same account, and all from the same place. No need to send your customers to four different places or pay four subscriptions – it's all there on Private and secure

Sign up for our Team account, and you get a private subdomain ( where all your company can share their content in a secure and private way. With invitation only access and SSL encryption you're safe in the knowledge that only people you invite into your space can watch or create content. Analytics & Engagement

Because your content is in the cloud, we have access to some amazing analytics as to who is watching your content, what they're watching, where they are watching from and for how long. This data gives you an essential insight into the effectiveness of your content, helping you pinpoint what your audience finds most relevant and which bits are being watched repeatedly. As well as any points where people lose interest!

" is a brilliant way for us to talk to our clients" - Partner, Big Four Accountants