Poptip | Instant Feedback - Poptip makes crowd knowledge something you can’t live without.

Posted on by Brandon Klein

 Poptip makes crowd knowledge something you can’t live without.
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Real time crowd knowledge gives you an edge.
For Breaking News Stories
If you’re a journalist, Poptip gives you a competitive angle on a breaking news story. Ask a question when the story breaks. Your Twitter followers reply with their opinion. We aggregate the data to use and share.
SCALABLE Voting on Twitter
Want to get your crowd's opinion fast? Ask them to vote. Poptip handles the rest. Receive results in real time. Know what your audience cares about. Responders reply directly on Twitter.
Crowd generated data is remarkable.
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Tweet a question using Poptip. Your followers reply directly to your Tweet. Then Poptip aggregates & displays crowd responses.

The data is exciting and useful to share with your team, friends, followers, and more.