Jardogs > leading provider of patient engagement and hhealth management solutions

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Jardogs is a leading provider of patient engagement and health management solutions. With its award-winning technology, Jardogs is helping healthcare organizations across the nation empower physicians to engage patients, enhance care, streamline workflows and achieve Meaningful Use.

Jardogs was founded in 2009 with the goal of paving new ways for individuals, organizations and communities to connect through technology. Jardogs strives to continually improve the productivity of businesses and individuals through the use of its solutions, and to create new paths of interaction through technology to increase the availability of information in everyday lives.

Jardogs will revolutionize and improve the way healthcare is delivered and consumed by empowering providers with true, cloud-based solutions and technologies that engage and enable patients to take a more active role in their own care.

Jardogs is committed to delivering solutions that will transform the healthcare ecosystem and improve outcomes for patients, providers and payers.  From the way care is supplied, to how it is consumed and even paid for, we believe there are solutions that can truly benefit all stakeholders.

We will continue to be dedicated listeners to our clients and their patients, and to incorporate the feedback and input they provide.  Responsiveness and that rare ability to actually deliver on promises will remain key differentiators.

We are a unique breed that does things differently, and as a result, we’ve introduced a whole new way of doing business. The bottom line is that we care, and we get immense gratification in knowing we are creating solutions that will ensure our families and loved ones have the best care possible.