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Posted on by Brandon Klein

ocial learning

Each course has a unique social feed for teachers and students to interact with the course. Host your own Q&A session to engage your learners, or set up a discussion to get students talking.
Share your lecture materials

Upload anything you like. Link content on the web. Integrate multimedia into materials, like Youtube videos or Slideshare presentations. Lectrio also works great with Google Docs!
Handle student submissions

Create assignments and grade student submissions. You can easily view your students progress. Track grades and completed assignments effectively for every student.
Keep up to date timetable
Organise lectures and workshops on your course timetable. Share assignments dates with your students, so they never miss any deadlines.

Review class attendance
Check students attendance on lectures and workshops. Create quick notes about each student performance in a class.

Evaluate student progress
Analyse students progress individually, as the course advances. Display past grades to tailor future course learning. Interactive gradebook combines both grades for assignments and class attendance.

Brand to your school
Our premium users can transform Lectrio look and feel to suit your organisation's brand. Choose from existing templates or ask us to create one specifically for you.

Groups, Roles and more
Our LMS edition has all the tools you need to instantly manage your students. Put students in groups, create custom roles and effectively manage enrollments.