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Posted on by Brandon Klein

What if every Thing were connected to the Internet?

reelyActive makes it possible for everyday Things, the objects around us, to connect to the Internet using the simplest of radio devices. Imagine if Things could interact the way humans do via smart devices: we can only begin to fathom the possibilities!
Real Time Location Systems

What if the location of everything and everyone was known?

reelyActive makes it possible to identify, locate and track Things and people at points of interest. Imagine if a space and the objects it contains could react to who and what is present at any given moment: it becomes a responsive environment!
Wireless Sensor Networks

What if the state of a space and everything it contains was known?

reelyActive makes it possible for Things and wireless sensors to communicate physical and environmental information to the Internet. Imagine if a space could constantly adjust its conditions in response to outside influences and the needs of the Things it contains: it too becomes a responsive environment!
Indoor Location

What if smart devices could be accurately positioned indoors?

reelyActive makes it possible for the location of smartphones and tablets to be accurately determined indoors by zone or point of interest, without abusing the device's battery or processor. Imagine your smartphone pushing you pertinent content as you browse the aisles of a store, the halls of a museum or the decks of a cruise ship: the digital world synchronizes with the physical world!
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